Additional modules

While your staff is working abroad, you want to be prepared for every contingency. By building on the Cigna Inspire core plan to include optional covers, you and your employees get that extra protection you require. There are 6 modules to choose from. Customise an insurance package that is most suitable for your company’s situation – and secure the well-being of your staff.


Dental plans


At Cigna, we focus on keeping people healthy, and from experience we know that your employees’ oral health is just as important as their physical health. That’s why we’ve created optional dental plans that will complement your overall benefits, to provide truly comprehensive health care coverage to your globally mobile employees.

  Basic Comprehensive
Annual maximum per member or dependant
(per year of insurance)
£1,250/$1,875/€1,875 £2,500/$3,750/€3,750
X-rays, scale and polish
Maximum per member or dependant
100% 100%
Basic restorative treatment, periodontal treatment and treatment of dental injury
Root canal treatment, extractions, surgical procedures, occasional treatment, anaesthetics, periodontal treatment
80% 80%

Major restorative and orthodontic treatment
- dentures: acrylic/synthetic, metal and metal/acrylic
- crowns, inlays, mouth guard or occlusal splint 

50% 50%
Orthodontic treatment
For dependent children under the age of 18
50% up to £750/$1,125/€1,125 per year of insurance 50% up to£1,100/$1,500/€1,125 per year of insurance


Vision plans

Eyes can adapt to many conditions before they’ll send out a pain signal. Consequently, potential eye problems are often easily overlooked. At Cigna, we believe that eye health checks should be a part of your employees’ health prevention regime.


  Vision plan
Eye examination
By an optometrist or an ophtalmogist
100% for one examination
per year of insurance
Expenses for:
- lenses to correct vision
- eyeglass frames
- prescription sunglasses
Up to £135/$200/€200 per year of insurance


A travel plan to hit the road with confidence

When your employees travel abroad, whether for business or pleasure, they are exposed to all kinds of risks. Our Travel plan protects your employees from the financial implications of common travel risks such as severe weather, sudden illness, lost luggage and delays. In addition to providing all the benefits you would expect from comprehensive travel insurance, it also features excellent winter sports cover.

Key benefits

  • Travel disruption and missed departure
  • Personal accident
  • Luggage, personal effects and equipment (1)
  • Money/documents (1)
  • Winter sports
    • Ski and equipment hire
    • Piste closure
    • Cancellations (lack of snow)
    • Delays due to adverse weather conditions.

(1) Subject to excess


Employee Assistance Programme: supporting your employees with whatever life challenges come their way

Work or personal concerns? Talking to someone can help. Through our Employee Assistance Programme, we can offer your employees professional counselling, resources, referrals, and information to help address issues that may be impacting their work performance.

Our level 1 programme is standard included in all Cigna Inspire core plans. Depending on your company’s needs, you can choose an upgrade to level 2 or 3.

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Service features Telephonic support Telephonic support & face-to-face support Telephonic, face-to-face and work/life support
General services
- 24/7 availability
- Online information in 24 languages
- Global toll-free lines in 83 countries
- SMS inquiry and call back
- Chat or email
Individual services
- Crisis intervention services
- Community resources
- eCounselling (English only)
5 local language face-to-face sessions  
Work/Life support
Local Language, local community, child care, senior care, legal services, financial services and convenience services
Organisational services
- Communication & launch support
- BenefitCONNECT - training on all related benefit programmes - leverage all resources to maximise employee support (e.g., relocation, security, medical)
- In-country management consultation
- Confidential online management reporting
Management referrals  

Pre-assignment assistance

Our service offering goes beyond the traditional claims administration service by starting early on in your journey with us. We have just launched our Pre-Assignment Assistance Programme which is available to all clients and their employees (at no extra cost) prior to enrolment on to an international Cigna plan.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) 'upgrade'

1. Target Risk Assessment (TRA)
For each identified risk area, these assessments cover sleep, stress, nutrition, and physical activity. These provide an in-depth assessment over and above the basic Health Assessment and a highly personalised report for the specific assessment taken.

2. Self-directed, online health improvement programmes
These individual self-directed programmes lay focus on the most modifiable lifestyle changes that impact health: sleep, stress, nutrition and physical activity. The Global Health Assessment invites an individual to the most relevant multi-step programme based on their score. It includes personalised content and tools such as: trackers, quizzes, polls, downloadable infosheets and reports, recipes and email reminders. The health improvement programmes last from six to twelve weeks to encourage lasting changes in healthier lifestyle habits.