We care for your employees

Every day we support your employees in crisis situations and during sickness. But we do more: our member journey aims to optimise their health and well-being, in order to facilitate a successful assignment. The key pillars underlying our services are:

Essential information

Even before health issues arise, we inform members of health risks and provide a detailed benefits description. Our 24/7 in-house service centre, dedicated multilingual teams and easy customer website, provide instant access to valuable health care knowledge and personalised policy information.

Prevention and well-being

We don’t merely pay claims. We strive to prevent healthy members from becoming ill and support members at risk to keep their situation from worsening. Our market-leading prevention and wellbeing programmes create a culture of health, helping to increase productivity and reduce sickness and absence costs.


Easy access to quality health care

We will adapt our proprietary global network of health care providers to your needs and those of your employees. We select only the best health care providers and maintain a close working relationship with them, to ensure that their performance meets our high standards.

Clinical support

We always put our members’ comfort and well-being first. Our global in-house medical team provides unparalleled assistance to employees and their families dealing with serious illnesses, helping them at every step of their treatment.


Claims handling

Our claims processing service is fast and accurate, no matter how members choose to submit their claims. Because we work with health care providers directly, our members can save time, out-of-pocket expenses, and the burden of having to pay large bills upfront.


International emergency assistance and evacuation

In a crisis situation, members can rely on our emergency assistance services. We will coordinate every aspect of the situation and can arrange for evacuation and direct settlement, in order to take away distress and uncertainty for both member and client.